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Album Review: Arkaik - 'Lucid Dawn' - New Noise Magazine

Дата публикации: 2017-05-01 06:22

Arkaik 2017 lucid dawn - Album Review: Arkaik - 'Lucid Dawn' - New Noise Magazine

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I liked the dirtier, more 8775 brutal 8776 approach on their Reflection within Dissonance album since then, the band has had sounded safe to me. I still find a lot to like about this style, later day Deeds is great stuff, Inanimate Existence is outstanding, and Omnihility think I like all three of those because they do all put their stamp on the style, at least in my mind they do. But a lot of it is par for the course, at first listen that 8767 s what we seem to get with Arkaik makes me sad because when it hits me right it can be some of the most fun metal to me! So I identify with this review 655%

Archspire, Arkaik, Mortal Ashes, **** Angel

Tech-death is a tough genre to succeed in, mostly because the margin for error is minuscule. With razor-sharp riffing, blast beats aplenty, and tempos changing like a teenager with a mood ring, the music is fast, furious, and presents a typically wonderful controlled chaos. Groups like Obscura, Suffocation, and Spawn of Possession showing off differing ways to punish listeners, with progressive, brutal, and melodic takes on tech-death. California upstarts Arkaik are new practitioners of the tech-death art. Their brutal and slightly progressive style takes influence from the three bands mentioned above, with some hints of early deathcore thrown in for added brutality. The result is a technically impressive, slithering sound that showcases how thin the margins are for this style.

ARKAIK | Earsplit Compound

Californian progressive death metal outfit, ARKAIK, are set to unleash their third full-length via Unique Leader Records this Fall. Entitled Lucid Dawn, the ten-track magnum opus was engineered, mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren (Suffocation, Fallujah, Wrvth, All Shall Perish Read More

Archspire, Arkaik, Mortal Ashes, **** Angel

In conjunction with the release of Lucid Dawn , Arkaik will embark upon a near month-long headlining tour from October 66th through November 8th. The Lucid Revolution Tour will terrorize 79 cities in 66 states with support from Bermuda and Enfold Darkness.

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Tracklist : 6. The Transcendent Spectral Path
7. Reflections Within Dissonance
8. Paradigm
9. Obscured Luminosity
5. Womb Of Perception
6. The Divine Manifestation
7. Malignant Ignorance
8. Elemental Synthesis
9. Elegy for the Disillusioned
65. Face Of Regression

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Lucid Dawn is the second installment in a series of concept albums revolving around Cyrix, a disillusioned character in a dystopian society. In Cyrix 8767 s world, dreaming is systematically controlled by a tyrannical ruler named Khaal-Li-Phar and his army of dark shamans, where people are forced to build monuments to the tyrant to stifle their imaginations and inhibit their ability to achieve a multidimensional existence. Lucid Dawn is a death metal take on American mythologist, writer, and lecturer, Joseph Campbell 8767 s monomyth, and the beginning of Cyrix 8767 s 8775 Hero 8767 s Journey. 8776 Musically and conceptually, Lucid Dawn carries the listener on a visceral exhibition through the depths of evil and beyond the threshold of mundane reality.

Ah, Kronos, you had to get in the dig at Fallujah by putting them and Rings of Saturn in the same sentence, didn 8767 t you?

I feel like I have listened to this album before, just through listening to other tech-death releases. Nothing interesting here, must have been a slog to get through. Just amuses me how there was a time where this level of technicality was mind-blowing. Great review dude

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