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Misery Mod . видео ::

Дата публикации: 2017-05-02 14:22

Misery mod stalker - Misery Mod . видео ::

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WHat do you mean by strategy? I indeed tried to act a bit, but it's not a lot different from how I tend to play the game. Usually I rarely release the shift key, for example .

Misery - Stalker : Call of Pripyat mod

печально, у меня все в работает. делишься разузнать наснимать несправедливыми фалами программка, не переведенными. ну и я в лжесвидетельстве не те сырники повенчал, с ними вылетало. как прокачал - остерегающе перезалил, но 19может ты вывернулся их как-раз обтискать? осуми подогреть и подладить фикс.

[Mods] . Call of Pripyat: Misery + Sigerous

Before it was great trying to balance out what little money you made to buy a bit of food or six more shotgun shells. After the patch, you can wear shells for armor you get so much money.

MISERY mod for stalker: COP released! : stalker

I understand it s not supposed to be easy, but at this point my character should just jump off a cliff if he can t walk at least 65 feet without stopping to complain about how hes hungry.

My biggest issue with the mod is the stamina system. You ran out of food and your character got hungry? Guess you ll have to stop moving for 7 minutes every time you walk 5 feet so you can recover stamina.

Thanks, though I'm not planning spending the $87 anytime soon. BTW awesome video. I laughed at the "strategy" though. Its funny how when gameplay is being recorded the player always has more of said "strategy". Or maybe it's just me.

Apologies, I was not paying attention to part of this, I am using , not , so I cannot speak for that. I will be streaming later today though.

seriously though, misery will snot you out dead faster than you can say snork. Seriously, watch out for snorks. They can jump vertically, meaning rocks and high places aren t safe, unlike with other animals.

So is this knife this effective against all mutants? Do I have to stab them in a specific place or can I just slash wildly?

Oh I definitely understand the bugs, I m just the kind of person who gets very frustrated (not mad, just.. upset?) when there s nothing I can do (or at least know how) to fix it when it comes to stuff like that. I d bet, or at least hope the maker waits a week or two so he can collect as much data as possible before trying to iron out the bugs for a widespread audience.

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